Zev is a pilot in the Rebel Alliance. He's first seen when he is out searching for the missing Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, who disappeared in one of Hoth's deadly icy storms. He joyously radios back to Echo Base that he's found them.


Zev is ready to kick Imperial butt.

Later, Zev is one of the Rebel pilots comprising Rogue Group who are defending Echo Base from the implacable might of the Empire's AT-AT walkers.


Charge of the snowspeeders.

Handling the titanic four-legged war machines is easier than it seems, as Luke devices a plan to trip them up by tying their legs together using the Rebel snowspeeders' harpoons and tow cables. Unfortunately, Luke can't do it himself, losing his friend and gunner Dack early in the fighting. Instead, he flies escort for other Rebels, first Wedge Antilles and then our buddy Zev.

Zev, despite having sustained a facial wound offscreen, bloodying his nose, is game. "I'm with ya, Rogue Leader!" he assures Luke.


Alas, poor Zev.


Zev goes down in flames.

Sadly, Zev never gets to topple a walker, as a direct hit from the Imperial war machine they intend on bringing down completely blows up his snowspeeder, killing both him and his gunner.

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