Zara is Claire Dearing's assistant, who is assigned to watch her nephews Zach and Gray. But because she's a boring adult, the two boys quickly ditch her to tour the park by themselves. Poor Zara has to spend much of the remainder of her screentime frantically searching for the kids, lest she incur the wrath of her boss.

She eventually reunites with them during the attack on the park by hundreds and hundreds of angry Pteranodons and other flying reptiles following their escape from the aviary. She tries to tell the boys to run only to be grabbed and flown up into the air by a Pteranodon, who flies her over the pool where the Mosasaurus is. Earlier, we'd seen this enormous crocodile-like marine reptile being fed whole sharks, so we're immediately concerned for Zara. Lo and behold, as she struggles, the Pteranodon drops her and she falls several feet into the water.

As she struggles to swim, another Pteranodon swoops down and attacks her, grabbing her up, but she is dropped a second time. The tenacious Pteranodon dives down and begins clawing and pecking at her again...

...when suddenly an enormous shadow appears beneath the water and the Mosasaurus surfaces underneath Zara and the Pteranodon with its mouth open, engulfing them in its huge jaws. Zara slides along its tongue towards the back of its throat as the Pteranodon frantically attempts to flap its wings and escape. Then the mouth shuts, trapping them both, and the Mosasaur dives back underwater as Zach and Gray, having seen the whole thing, watch in utter horror from nearby.

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