After infiltrating the Schloss Adler with the help of Mary and Heidi, Smith and Schaffer go about locating General Carnaby who is being interrogated by top Nazi officials Rosemeyer and Kramer in an ornate dining room. They're in for a surprise when Colonel Kramer receives a phone call regarding the other three captured British commandos, Thomas, Christiansen and Berkeley. The three are brought in and sit down at the table and reveal themselves as Nazi agents.

Smith and Schaffer make their move and hold all of the assembled Germans at gunpoint... whereupon Smith turns his machine gun on Schaffer and reveals himself as Johann Schmidt, a double agent, and orders him to drop his gun! A surprised Schaffer complies. It takes some doing, but Schmidt convinces Rosemeyer and Kramer he is telling the truth... but reveals Thomas, Christiansen and Berkeley are triple agents!

He advises Kramer to summon an armed guard. Enter Sergeant Hartmann.

Our friend Hartmann here is no one special Just a basic Nazi grunt who happens to have a name. He stands guard over the dining room sequence as Schmidt explains how the real Thomas, Christiansen and Berkeley - loyal Nazi spies like himself - were captured and replaced with these three imposters. They of course protest their innocence to Kramer... but Kramer is siding with Schmidt, who is very convincing. Schmidt says the only way the trio can prove they're loyal spies is to write down the names of all their fellow traitors in England, which he'll compare with the names he has in a notebook. If they match up, they're telling the truth. If not, they're the imposters Schmidt thinks they are.

Eager to prove themselves, Thomas, Christiansen and Berkeley hastily scribble down all the names and give them to Colonel Kramer. After confirming the list is genuine, Schmidt hands him his notebook and tells him to compare the names to his original.

What Kramer doesn't see is "Schmidt" discretely taking out a silenced Walther PPK as he stands behind the interested General Rosemeyer's chair. He does notice however, that the notebook is blank! Enraged and realizing he's been played, Kramer yells for our friend Sergeant Hartmann. Hartmann brings his gun up, but Smith is quicker. He spins and shoots Hartmann in the head. He drops to the floor, dead.