The late Colonel Nsogbu's stern second in command, Sergeant Gambwe assumes command of the Colonel's troops following their leader's fatal O.D. on dino tranquilizers.

Eric has by this point learned of the existence of Baby, the cute and cuddly infant dinosaur which is the offspring of two adult brontosaurs. Deciding that capturing Baby will make up for the loss of the male, Eric decides to force Susan and George Loomis to show him with the little dinosaur is.

When they won't spill it, Eric goes to Plan B, and along with them, Gambwe, his assistant Nigel and some soldiers, piles into a helicopter and flies off in search of Baby. It isn't long before the animal is spotted, being that she's roughly the same size as a baby elephant. The helicopter chases Baby, as Sergeant Gambwe takes the tranquilizer gun and prepares to shoot her, with Nigel advising him, "Try for the neck!"

His first shot misses, and, as he is reloading, George loosens his ropes and frees himself. Before any of the soldiers can stop him, George lunges at the preoccupied Sergeant as he prepares for a second shot, and gives him a rough shove. Gambwe falls out of the helicopter with a cry and plummets to his death in the jungle far below.