Autobot police car Prowl is one of Ironhide's shuttle crew on a mission to Earth to retrieve energon from Autobot City when a Decepticon boarding party invades. Brawn dies pretty much immediately, felled by a blast from Starscream wielding Decepticon leader Megatron in gun mode, and although Ironhide and Ratchet content themselves for the moment with hiding behind their chairs, Prowl bravely (foolishly?) jumps out of his chair and returns fire on the enemy with his laser rifle.


"Say hello to my little friend!"

He misses Starscream entirely, and Constructicon Bonecrusher, after ducking to also avoid Prowl's blast, fires back, shooting Prowl's gun out of his hands and then hitting the Autobot directly in the chest.


Look at him. Poor guy looks surprised Bonecrusher's shot found its mark.

In the TV series this would've been just a flesh wound (or whatever the robot equivalent of that is), but instead, it proves fatal for poor Prowl.


Prowl explodes. Ouch.

Not only do flames billow forth from the exit wound in Prowl's back, but, just to hammer home how dead he is, his backlit robot eyes flicker and dim and smoke pours liberally from his mouth as he keels over backwards to lie sprawled on the floor.


Either he's dying or he ate at Space Taco Bell.



Should've moved more merchandise, Prowl ol' buddy...

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