Otwani is being chased by Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, across a desert environment following the climactic battle between Otwani's mercenary forces and Sheena's tribe, the Zamboulis.

The mismatch between the two is stark; Otwani is in a Land Rover while Sheena is chasing on her trusty zebra mount, Marika. They exchange fire with one another, and again the contrast is notable; Otwani with an automatic pistol and Sheena with her bow and arrows. They are exchanging shots with each other, neither inflicting any damage, when Marika suddenly trips and throws Sheena from her back.

Seeing this, Otwani senses he has the initiative, and performs a U-turn, intending to run Sheena over. Otwani is distracted at this point by Vic Casey, who approaches in his own Land Rover, firing ineffectually on Otwani with his machine gun. Sheena is more successful, firing an arrow through Otwani's windshield, which embeds in his chest. This injury is a mortal wound, but does not prevent him from driving towards Sheena, determined to turn her into road kill before he dies. Typically for this type of film, instead of dodging out of the way of the Land Rover, Sheena turns and begins running directly in front of it (possibly to add to the drama of the scene).

She invariably trips and is at the mercy of the Land Rover, which is about to flatten her, when Vic's vehicle slams into Otwani's, causing both vehicles to explode in a massive fireball. Obviously the design flaw in these vehicles meant that any impact, instead of deploying the air bag, actually detonates the 10lbs of explosives in the undercarriage.

Land Rover has since removed the “dynamite as standard” feature from their vehicles.

Vic's Land Rover simply tips over following the crash, throwing Vic from the vehicle in flames. He's saved by remembering the "stop, drop and roll" method of extinguishing flames on oneself. With an arrow in his chest, and being in an exploding Land Rover, which is now firmly aflame, Otwani is not as lucky, and is killed.