Penny Pilgrim is a character in the flash indie game "One chance"

Death Edit

Thanks to her husband John Pilgrim, the entire human race faces extinsion due to a cure for cancer that turned out to not only kill cancer cells, but all living cells as well.

Depending on what choices the player do, Penny dies in three ways, however unlike Molly who survives in the best ending, Penny will always die, no matter what the player chooses to do.

When the player makes the right choices, John leaves Penny at home most of the time in order to go to work and find a cure of the deadly virus. As the days go by, Penny gets more and more depressed, and finally chooses to commit suicide in the bathtub where John finds her body when he returns home on the fourth day.

If the player chooses to skip work to have an affair with John's busty co-worker Annie, John will return home, only to find out that Penny realized that he was up to something, as she decides to take Molly with her to her parents, leaving him for good. If the player chooses this outcome, neither Penny nor Molly will be seen in the game again, which means that they most likely perished thanks to the virus.

If the player chooses to go back home instead of accepting the keys from Ryan (OC), John returns to work the next day, only to find Jim (OC), holding a knife. If the player chooses to do nothing, Jim kills John with the knife, but if the player chooses to defend themselves, Jim will instead murder both Penny and Molly.

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