After the death of the security guard in which he was completely drained of his life energy by the mysterious woman from space, an autopsy is ordered.


"Yes, it is my professional medical opinion that this man is dead."

With the shriveled corpse of the guard laid out on an operating table, a group of pathologists gather to start getting to the bottom of things, as military officers look on from a viewing room. However, as the lead pathologist prepares to cut, the corpse's eyes suddenly open. Understandably shocked, the medical professionals gasp and back up. The body sits up, emitting surprisingly pitiful mewls and growls.


A visual representation of how most people feel when they first wake up in the morning.

Then he suddenly seems to fixate on the lead pathologist, the one who was about to do the incision on him, and begins gesturing for him to come over. At first, the man refuses, but then something comes over him, and as his colleagues watch in stunned confusion, he approaches the living corpse as though mesmerized.


The field of vampire dentistry didn't really take off.

When he's close enough, the undead guard grabs him. A mysterious bluish light shoots out of the pathologist's eyes and mouth and into those of the guard, causing the guard to begin regaining his former appearance of a health young man... and the pathologist to age at a rapid rate until he's naught but a shriveled-up corpse himself, whereupon he promptly hits the floor. Essentially a repeat of what the woman did the guard himself before.


Dentyne Ice: Practice Safe Breath.

Pathologist gets drained

Stress will really age you.


The pathologist decides to take five.

One of the other pathologists manages to muster enough courage to fill a syringe full of sedatives and inject them into the now revitalized guard as he stands over the body of the man he just drained, as some soldiers rush in and seize the naked, somewhat confused man. Summoned by one of the military men in the viewing room who witnessed the bizarre spectacle, Dr. Fallada orders that the sedated guard be confined to a holding cell for the time being... and orders the same thing for the body of the pathologist. After all, if the guard is any indication, the dead have a habit of not wanting to stay dead lately.

His precaution turns out to have been extraordinarily prudent. Two hours later, after the ordeal in which the guard suddenly begins convulsing and then collapses, not only shriveling up again but also becoming extremely brittle and crumbly, the "dead" pathologist in the adjoining cell jumps up. And he is not a happy camper.

Angry pathologist


Fallada has by now figured out what is happening, and explains to his companions Colonel Caine and Sir Percy Heseltine that victims of the "energy vampires" will return to life after a certain amount of time and if they do not "feed" (that is, drain the lifeforce of other people) then they will die again, crumbling into ashen nothingness. Sure enough, the undead pathologist, roaring, charges towards the three men observing him, heedless of the cell bars separating them. Upon colliding with the bars, his frail and brittle shriveled body explodes into dust.


Self-disposing vampires are great and all, but they sure do leave a big mess.

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