Mike is a character in the movie "The Blair Witch Project" portrayed by Michael C. Williams.

Death Edit

In 1994, he along with fellow students and filmmakers Josh and Heather decides to make a documentary about the Blair Witch and therefore heads out to the woods in order to film at the locations where the legend is said to occur. After a few days of wandering in the woods where the group finds strange things like stickmen and seven piles of rocks, they looses the map thanks to Mike who kicked it into the creek, causing them to get lost. After a couple of days, the group is attacked by someone and something and the group escapes their tent. The next day, they return to the campsite only to find that Josh's stuff was covered in some kind of blue goo. The next day again, Josh vanishes and is later heard screaming in terror and pain, appearntly screaming for help. However, he doesn't know that Heather found Josh's teeth, blood and a little part of his hair inside his shirt. As the night comes, Josh cries out for help again and they follow his voice to an abandoned house in the middle of the woods. After running around in the house for a while, Mike downstairs after he heard Josh's voice down there. As he ran around there, something suddenly attacked him from behind and knocked him out as the camera fell to the ground.

He was later seen facing the corner of a room while Heather ran around, just like the unfortunate kids in one of the stories the group heard in the beginning. As she looks at Mike, something attacked her. It's not known what happened to Mike after that, but he was most likely killed somehow.

Alternative endings Edit

Four alternative endings was made. In one of them, Mike is found hanged from the celling.