Nazi officer Gobler here is one smug piece of work. Check him out in the scene where Belloq traps Indy in the Well of the Souls. Guy stands astride the opening like he's some kind of badass. And he tries to back up what he's selling, since, despite being the second highest-ranking Nazi at the dig, when the villains depart in a convoy to take the Ark of the Covenant to Cairo, Gobler here insists on driving his own escort vehicle, fitted with a B.F.G. manned by an anonymous Nazi soldier.


Gobler's the one up front doing the driving.

Unfortunately, he would've done better to let the nameless lieutenant in back do the driving, because Gobler's decisions during the ensuing chase once Indy gains control of the truck range from the mystifying to the outright stupid.

For one thing he doesn't seem to know how brakes work. When Indy suddenly stops the truck at one point, Gobler doesn't even try to slow down and rear-ends the truck, causing him to end up with a most unwelcome hood ornament in the form of a soldier who comes flying out the back and puts his head through Gobler's windshield.


Uh, brakes, Herr Major?





Then, he tries to pull alongside Indy so his gunner can have a shot at Indy in the cab, which you'd think would risk crashing the truck and damaging the Ark. It's a moot point, though, because Indy promptly rams them off the road into the jungle.

Cussing up a storm in German ("Ah, scheisse!"), Gobler regains control of his vehicle, gets back on what passes for a road and catches up to the truck. He then makes his final and fatal mistake when he tries again to pass Indy, only this time on the side of the road he must know borders the Cliffs of Insanity.


Gobler attempts to pass Indy.

His gunner barely gets a shot off before Indy sideswipes these jokers again, sending them careening for the cliff edge.



As we established earlier, Gobler doesn't seem to know what brakes are for, and so he can apparently think of nothing better to do than to just throw his hands up and go "Aahhhh!" as he and his buddies shoot off the cliff and promptly fall down a truly impressive matte painting of the gorge.


The goggles do nothing!




Squint really hard and you can see them falling.