Lilliana Methol, born around 1938, died 29 October 1972 was a passager on the plane that crashed into a mountain in 1972. She was a character in the movie Alive, released in 1993.

Death Edit

Liliana Methol was the wife of Javier Methol and mother of their children. The trip to chile was intended to be a anniversery gift. As the plane was pretty close to it's destination, the pilots flew too low and accidentally crashed into a mountain, killing six people who fell of the plane as it was broken off at the middle. After it crashed, Liliana was one of the survivors and acted as a mother figure for many of the younger characters who lost their parents during the accident. She is also seen refusing to eat the deceased people's bodies as she was a strong christian and said that Christian's doesn't do such things.

About two weeks after the accident, a avalanche suddenly came and filled the whole plane with snow. Most of the passagers managed to get out from the plane, but some of them didn't. Unfortunally, Liliana was one of them and was found frozen to death (or possible suffocated) under a pile of snow.

It's unknown if the remaining survivor's ate her body afterwards, or if they didn't.

Her remains were later buried along with the other remains found at the mountain.

While she was killed, her husband survived and mourned her.

Trivia Edit

  • Liliana is one of the deceased people whose name wasn't changed in the movie. All of the deceased people except for Liliana and two other passagers had their names changed.