Lieutenant Cryer is the shy, bespectacled officer in charge of General Russell Woodman's technical team. The General and his men have swept down and taken over following Ira Kane and Harry Block's discovery of alien lifeforms in a downed meteorite within a cavern, constructing a high-tech makeshift base around the crater.

Within the cavern/crater, the aliens have continued to evolve from single-celled organisms and at the time of poor Cryer's untimely demise, have reached the primate stage. After a fairly suspenseful sequence where the creatures, dubbed "fuzzy no-nosed chimps" by Arizona's Governor Lewis, take out the security cameras within the crater and then apparently come up to the top level of the facility via the elevator.

Setting off alarms, General Woodman, Cryer and Colonel Flemming rush out into the main room where the crater is covered with a tarp and along with Kane, Block, Wayne Gray, Allison Reed, Lewis and several soldiers, technicians and other military personnel, await the arrival of the ape creatures. But when the elevator doors open, the lift is empty. Suddenly, the lights go out, and two of the apes literally explode through the tarp covering the crater.

One of them pounces on Cryer before he can react, and lifts him bodily over itself. It then throws the kicking and screaming officer through the hole in the tarp, and then jumps down after him. This is the last we see of Cryer and somewhat disturbingly, no one seems to notice, or even care that he gets killed.