King Stefan is the main atangoinst in the movie Maleficent from 2014.

Death Edit

As a young boy,  Stefan met Maleficent after he tried to steal something from her kingdom. A friendship started between them, and as the years passed and they grew up, a love relationship begun to form between them. However, when they both were young adults, Stefan betrayed Maleficent by drugging her, and then stealing her wings in order to make everyone belive that he killed Maleficent in order to get the throne from the dying king which promised the one that killed Maleficent would get it.  Some months later, Stefan's wife, the Queen gives birth to a beautiful girl, and after Maleficent learns that Stefan stole her wings just to become king, she interups the christening and curses his daughter as revenge. Around 16 years later, Stefan lost sanity when trying to find and kill Maleficent and didn't even care when he was informed that his wife died of a illness. Later on, Maleficent (who started to grow fond of Aurora, feeling like a mother for her) regreted her curse and tried to remove it, but failed because she said that no power on earth could stop it. Later, Stefan is furious when the curse hits Aurora and sends her to an endless sleep. After Maleficent is captured under a rope made of iron (since Iron is the only way to hurt or kill a fairy), he then threw Maleficent into a ring surrended with Iron and entered it wearing a armor made of iron. He then started to beat up Maleficent while talking about how much he would enjoy killing her. However, his daughter (who woke up after Maleficent gave her a kiss of true maternal love), frees her wings allowing her to fly away from the iron, however Stefan jumped up and held to her feet. The fight soon led them to the balcony were Maleficent chokes him (just like she did to King Henry in the beginning of the film), telling him that it's over. However, Stefan refuses to be defeated and attacks Maleficent one last time. As Maleficent rises high in the air over the balcony  with Stefan still on her back, Stefan loses his grip and starts to fall. In one last attempt to kill Maleficent, he tries to pull her with him but fails. While Maleficent watches it, Stefan falls to his death to the ground below, ending his madnes and tyrany.

Ironically, Maleficent could have saved him, and she most likely would've if Stefan wasn't dressed in an armor covered in iron, preventing her from touching him.