Jonathan Lejonhjärta is a character in the swedish movie Bröderna Lejonhjärta.

Death Edit

Jonathan was the brother of 7 year old boy Karl "Skorpan" Lejonhjärta who was ill with a fatal sickness. To calm his little brother down while awaiting his death, he told him stories about the life after death, called Nangijala.

One night, a fire suddenly starts in the house, with Skorpan still in the house, to weak to run away. Without doubting, Jonathan runs into the house, grabs Skorpan and puts him on his back. As he notices that the flames stops him from getting out, he instead chooses to sacrifice himself and jumps out from the window, killing him because of the fall, but saving Skorpan who was deeply saddened by the death, since he was the only one he could talk too.

Later on, Skorpan dies of his illness and ends up in Nagijala, and meets Jonathan again. At the end, they battle the evil dragon Katla, whoose fire is extremly dangerous. After both Katla and Tengil (along with most of the main characters) is killed during the fight, Jonathan and Skorpan goes to a cave. While eating, Jonathan reveals that he was burned by Katla's fire during the fight and that he will be paralyzed in his whole body, and that it one day will kill him.

Skorpan gets sad, but Jonathan then tells him about the last place, Nagilima, where you can't die, nor get sick and there is no evil there. After hearing that, he makes a decesion, puts Jonathan on his back, and then jumps down a nearby cliff which kills both him and Jonathan, causing them to end up in Nangilima.