John Pilgrim is the main character of the indie flash game One Chance.

Death Edit

John Pilgrim is a scientist who recently discovered a cure for cancer, which is released into the air. Unfortunally, it is soon discovered that the cure not only kills cancer cells, but also living cells as well, which means the entire human race will be wiped off the earth.

Based on what the player chooses to do, there are four possible ways for John to die, while he survives in the best ending.

If the player chooses to return home instead of accepting the keys to the lab from Ryan (OC), John's co-worker Jim (OC) waits for John the next day holding a knife, telling him that it is his fault that the world is about to end, probably because John decided to be with his family instead of finding a cure. If the player doesn't react fast enough, Jim stabbs John in the throat with his knife, causing John to collapse on the floor, before finally closing his eyes.

If the player chooses to bring Molly to the park instead of work after Penny's death, Molly will die in the park due to the virus. At this point, the player will not succeed in finding the cure thanks to skipping work to much. If the player tries to find a cure during the last day, John will fail, and then slowly collapse on the floor in the lab, dying of the virus.

The player can also choose for John to walk up to the roof, and commit suicide by jumping of the ledge, similar to what Matthew (OC) did earlier.

If the player chooses to go to the park during the final day instead of going to the lab, John will die peacefully in the park, either alone (if Molly died the day before or if she was murdered by Jim), or with Molly, who also perished thanks to the virus.


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