Small town crime boss Brad Wesley declares war on Dalton the Zen bouncer, sending his number one henchman Jimmy to burn down the home of Emmet, the old codger Dalton is staying with. Dalton and Elizabeth manage to get Emmet out in time, and then Dalton chases after Jimmy who is trying to ride off on a motorcycle.

Dalton runs and tackles Jimmy off the bike and the two crash to the ground near the lake. The two leap up and assume martial arts poses, with Jimmy declaring, "Prepare to die!"

"You are such an asshole!" Dalton fires back, and the fight is on.

The two opponents exchange many punches and kicks, with Dalton flipping Jimmy bodily over himself and then jumping on him, and Jimmy using a scissor move with his legs to dislodge our hero. He swings at Dalton, misses, and Dalton punching Jimmy in the gut. The henchman responds by elbowing Dalton in the shoulder, and down he goes as the fight starts going Jimmy's way.

Sneering, Jimmy kicks his opponent when he's down and tells him, "I used to fuck guys like you in prison!"

He then hurls Dalton against a two-pronged tree trunk.

"Damn, boy!" he taunts. "I thought you were good!"

Told to go fuck himself, Jimmy does a flying kick, which Dalton dodges, and and Jimmy's leg gets stuck between the tree branches. Grabbing his foot, Dalton twists it, snapping Jimmy's ankle. Jimmy gets free, but Dalton is on him, kneeing him in the face and punching him until he's so dazed he can't fight back, and then delivers the final blow. Forming a sort of "claw" with his hand, Dalton digs his fingers into Jimmy's throat and rips out his trachea.

Jimmy stands there for a moment, and then Dalton kicks him face-first into the water. Elizabeth arrives on the scene and turns Jimmy over, revealing the gaping hole in his throat. Yeah, he's pretty dead. Dalton grabs the corpse and hurls it further out so that it floats across the water towards Wesley's mansion, the bouncer screaming "Wesley!"

When Wesley appears on his back porch to see the outcome of the fight, he's greeted by the sight of Jimmy floating across the lake towards his property, and an enraged Dalton howling, "Fuck you!"