Jimmy (not to be confused with Jimbo from Friday the 13th part 4) is a character from the swedish low budget slasher movie "Death Academy" portrayed by Tomas Kärrstedt.

Death Edit

High School girl Elin gets a schooltask to write about a serial killer case and chooses to write about the four deaths that occured at her school 10 years later and convinces Jimmy, and also her friends Henrik and Linda to join her. After contacting to the suspected killer named Niklas and convincing him to meet them, he reveals that he was innocent and that the real killer was the principal of the school. Together with his friends and Niklas, Jimmy breaks into the school nighttime with the help of his brother to collect clues and proofs that the principal is the killer. After a giant case around the school in which Henrik, the principal, two burglars and the janitor is killed, they all get attacked by the murderer again, but Jimmy hits (and kills) the "killer" by ramming something in his head, only to then see that he killed his own brother when he's unmasked. However, it turns out that it was not his brother who were the killer, so the chase continues until the three remaining students and Niklas manages to escape the school, resting near a bridge. However, Jimmy decides to walk across the bridge to check something, but when he does, the killer suddenly appears in front of him and rams his machete/plank into Jimmy's head, killing him as the remaining survivors screams in horror and escapes back into the school where they all ends up getting killed later on.