Jack Burrell is a character from the first Friday the 13th film portrayed by Kevin Bacon of the footlose movie. His death was the first movie's most memorable death.

Death Edit

Jack is one of seven counselours hired when Steve Christy decided to reopen Camp Crystal Lake. Together with fellow counselors Alice Hardy, Bill (F13), Brenda, Ned Rubinstein and his girlfriend Marcie Cummingham, he is seen enjoying himself and fooling around at the property. Later on, a storm comes into the camp which causes Jack and Marcie to retire into Jack's bedroom where they have sex with each other. After it, Marcie heads to the bedroom to pee since Jack "was lying on her bladder". While she was away, Jack decided to smoke some weed, but is interupted when he notices that blood is dripping on his face (from Ned's body which was in the top bunk). Suddenly, he is killed when the killer stabbs an arrow through the bed and his throat, causing the blood to splat everywhere.