Fluffy is a character in the 2004 movie "Camp Slaughter"; which is belived to be the worst movie made in Sweden.

Background and Death Edit

Fluffy is an overweight glasses-wearing nerd stereotype who together with his five friends spends the weekend in a cabin deep in the woods. He's constantly bullied by his friends for his overweight, and he seems to care a lot about food.

What the group doesn't know is that in a house nearby, a crazy family lives, in which the son impregnated his mother, because the mother wanted a blonde daughter, but instead got a son. When she gave birth to another boy, she threw it into a well where it lived for 25 years before escaping the hole it was trapped in, earning the nickname "Bunnyman" because it lived of eating living bunnies given to him by Adrian (the first son of the mother)

After arriving, Fluffy starts fishing, while Trudy (a atletic girl who Fluffy has a crush on) is jogging in the woods. While jogging, she feels watched and blames Fluffy for it, while he in reality was fishing by the lake. Sometime later, Cindy (the blond bimbo stereotype girl) is having sex with Mike, only for them to feel watched. After finnishing up, they notice handprints and a noseprint on the window, and immidatley blames Fluffy for it, however he proves to be innocent when the handprints doesn't match his hands. 

Later on, as Mike tries to have a three-way with Karen and Cindy, Fluffy takes a leak outside when he suddenly is attacked by the Bunnyman, who first stabbs him in the shoulder with a hedge trimmer, before cutting his arm off, before finally killing him by cutting his head of, which rolls away squirting blood everywhere.

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