Deciding to frame Bourne, Carlos instructs Fritz Koenig and Treadstone turncoat Gillette to go to America and wipe out the spy agency's main base of operations, which is a cozy-looking apartment townhouse in New York City.

Although their main target is David Abbott, he fortuitously departs by the back along with General Conklin before the two go in. Gillette uses his key on the door to let himself and his partner in, but for some reason this sets off an alarm. Treadstone's security man Elliot Stevens appears on the landing armed with a gun. He hesitates, possibly surprised at seeing Gillette, allowing Koenig to get the drop of him. A few hit from Koenig's suppressed Walther PPK and down Elliot goes, literally; he tumbles head-over-heels in a somersault down the staircase.