Dr. Robert Burke is a (somewhat) unscrupulous paleontologist working Peter Ludlow. He goes with him and his hired band of hunters to Isla Sorna to assist in identifying the dinosaurs they'll be capturing. But following the destruction of both team's camps (the hunters' with some assistance from Nick Van Owen), Ludlow's group is forced to team up with Ian Malcolm's in order to survive and reach an old radio station to call for an extraction chopper.

During the journey, the group beds down for the night, only for the mother Tyrannosaurus rex to wander into camp, smelling the blood on Sarah Harding's jacket. Carter awakens screaming to the sight of the animal, awakening everyone else, and pretty much everyone but Malcolm, Ludlow and Roland Tembo goes stampeding off into the jungle in one huge crowd trying to escape the huge predator as she gives chase.

Burke ends up joining Sarah, Nick and Malcolm's daughter Kelly in hiding from the T-rex in a small cave behind a waterfall. The Tyrannosaurus abandons the larger crowd to go after the four people hiding in the cave, thrusting her head through the waterfall and trying to reach them as they press themselves back as far as they can. Burke in his panic is, as Nick claims, "pushing us out, you son of a bitch!" despite the paleontologist's frantic pleas to the contrary, although it's a little unclear if he really is or isn't shoving them closer to the dinosaur, as everyone is pretty jostled and the scene is very confusing.

Unable to reach them with her mouth alone, the Tyrannosaurus sticks her tongue out and licks at them, as, in a weird nod to something that didn't really make sense even in Michael Crichton's original Jurassic Park novel, T-rexes apparently have prehensile tongues. Sarah gets a good lickin' but otherwise it seems that even with her tongue, the rex can't get at them.

But Burke is about to go anyway, since a venomous snake slithers down his shirt collar, scaring him. As he flails around, he unintentionally jumps right out of the frying pan and into the fire, or, rather, out of the safe cave and into the menacing jaws of certain doom. As he stumbles, the T-rex grabs him with her tongue and drags him kicking and screaming out of the cave and through the wall of water. We hear a crunch and the waterfall turns red.

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