Detective Sergeant Goodhart is one of the crooked cops working for Senator Trent. He's part of the hit team led by Jack Axel that goes to the mansion in the wilderness being used as a safehouse by Mason Storm and Andy Stewart. He and another bad guy enter the foyer of the house armed with machine guns while Axel, wielding a shotgun, goes upstairs.

Following a tussle with Axel and another hitman that ends in the nameless bad guy dead and Axel knocked out and relieved of his shotgun, Storm and Andy come out onto the second floor landing, where they're shot at by Goodhart and his pal.

They duck, and of course the villains keep shooting at the same spot they used to be in instead of adjusting their aim slightly downward. Goodhart's gun jams while his companion's runs out of ammo. While the second bad guy is reloading and Goodhart is trying to clear the jam, Storm leaps up with Axel's shotgun and blows both men away on the spot.

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