Deputy Sheriff Jason Wright is a cop in Townsend, Wisconsin minding his own business one night when he observes a mysterious explosion somewhere off in the woods. Good cop that he is, he parks and attempts to radio it in and request assistance from the fire department, only to discover, to his annoyance, that something is causing static-y interference and preventing him from transmitting.

Now, he could simply wait in his car, or better still, drive to a phone, but, this being an episode of The X-Files, Deputy Wright decides to get out of the car and head off into the dark, spooky woods to investigate, himself. Bad move!


Deputy Wright is on the case.

As he trudges through the thickly-wooded forest, he starts experiencing the uncanny sensation that he isn't alone.

And he's right.

Y'see, what Wright doesn't know, and what the audience already suspects, is that the source of the explosion the deputy saw was a UFO crashlanding. And its pilot, an invisible alien made out of pure energy (shades of Predator), is now running around plenty ticked off.

Wright death1

Wright screams as he's realizes he's an expendable cop in an X-Files episode.

Wright's demands that the unseen individual show themselves come to naught, and suddenly the being rushes at the human headlong, apparently attracted to the light from his flashlight (although the episode is never clear on this).

Wright death2

Wright getting killed by the energy alien. Or about to get hit by a semi truck.

Whether the alien means him any harm is immaterial - getting too close to the creature proves fatal for the unfortunate deputy, who screams in agony and horror as a bright white light envelops him and seemingly burns him to death on the spot.

Wright death3

When his superiors told him he had a bright future, I don't think this is what Wright had in mind.

We'll later learn that, somewhat horrifically, poor Deputy Wright didn't die right away. It turns out that while his car's radio could transmit just fine, it just couldn't receive, so Wright got through to the fire department, all right, he just couldn't hear their dispatcher's responses. Information gleaned from UFO nut Max Fenig and local physician Dr. Oppenheim reveals that the fire fighters found Wright still alive but badly, badly burned, before they themselves fell prey to the energy alien. All of them eventually died from their injuries, despite Oppenheim's efforts to treat them.

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