Dan Bigelow, an employee of Duncan Enterprises, is late for the dedication ceremony of the Glass Tower because he's been busy shagging his secretary. He realizes his office is getting hot, and it is something more sinister than the flames of passion.

He's about to leave to go up to the party when they notice the room beyond engulfed in flames. Because Bigelow had the phone disconnected so they wouldn't be disturbed, there's no way to call for help.

He lies and says he managed to get through to the fire department, but when no one comes his bluff is uncovered. Wrapping himself in a wet towel, which makes him look like the Virgin Mary in drag, Dan promises his girlfriend that he'll run and get help, and then he charges from the bedroom and out into the office beyond which is now a blazing inferno.

"I'll be back with the whole fire department," he reassures his mistress then proceeds to run across the hall.

He makes it all of five feet before he catches fire, despite the wet towel, but heroically continues trying to stagger forwards even as his clothes burn. Finally, as he reaches the second floor landing, he succumbs to the heat, exhaustion, and burns, and tumbles from the balcony crashing onto the floor below, dead.