The Counterman is one of those quintessential action movie victims: the innocent bystander. He's a bit rough around the edges and in particular doesn't like the Oscars. Still, it's a bit sad to see the old guy go. He's working the cash register in the convenience store when Mason Storm enters to buy some champagne. As the two as engaging in a friendly conversation, a group of hoods enter with the intention of robbing the joint. They hold both Storm and the counterman at gunpoint.

"Where's a cop when you need one?" the counterman asks tiredly, unaware Storm is actually a plainclothes detective.

The lead hood demands the money from the register, and although he complies at first, the counterman seems to change his mind halfway through, and grabs that old standby, the baseball bat, from underneath the counter. As he steps threateningly towards the crooks, he starts to say, "I've got half a mind--" only to be blown away by the lead crook's shotgun.

"Now you only got half a mind!" the crook quips, thinking himself clever, apparently not noticing he shot the counterman in the heart, not the brain.

Don't worry, folks, Storm mops the floor with him and his buddies in short order.

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