Gunther is a cruel and brutish SS corporal assigned to keep an eye on the outspoken and unpredictable Wehrmacht officer Captain von Hecht. He hangs around von Hecht's headquarters and isn't generally well-liked by his colleagues in the regular German army. Consequently, he's among those left behind when the bulk of the German forces move out to search for the missing American soldier Turner.

None of them realize the man they seek, ably assisted by a group of children forced to grow up too quickly by the horrors of war, has come right to their base! He and Aldo break into von Hecht's office to use his radio so that Turner can contact his superiors and give them a mission update. He's rudely interrupted when a pair of German radio operators intercept the transmission and come rushing in with guns up. Turner shoots them both death using his silenced .45 sidearm.

Hearing the muted "cracks" of the suppressed gun, a suspicious Gunther draws his own weapon and enters the office. He doesn't see Turner to the side, however, he does see the two dead radio operators and a very surprised Aldo, who finds himself looking down the barrel of Gunther's Walther P38. Before Gunther can fire, the American he missed knocks the weapon from his hand, and the two men proceed to have a violent fight that ends with Gunther falling onto, and breaking, the radio. Turner leaps atop his stunned foe, grabbing the SS corporal in a headlock, and viciously snaps his neck.