Cooper is one of the mercenaries hired by Paul and Amanda Kirby to help them get their son Eric back when he goes missing while adventuring on Isla Sorna. When the plane lands, the mercenaries go galavanting into the jungle to, as Paul puts it, establish a perimeter. "These guys are good," he assures a concerned Alan Grant.

But Amanda's constant shouting for Eric with a bullhorn attracts the attention of something big. We hear a roar in the jungle and some gunshots.

"A Tyrannosaurus?" Grant's assistant Billy Brennan asks.

"No, it sounds bigger," Grant ominously replies.

Moments later, mercenaries Udesky and Nash come running out of the jungle without Cooper.

"We have to leave!" Udesky says. "We have to leave now!"

Nash climbs into the plane and fires the engines up, while Udesky begins making sure everyone gets aboard safely. Billy, noticing Cooper is missing, asks about him, and is told Cooper is "a professional" and "can take care of himself." As if in response we hear more roaring and more gunfire. Everybody gets in and Nash pushes the throttle forward and goes shooting off down the runway.

At that instant, Cooper, bloodied, his arm injured, comes running out of the jungle into the path of the plane and tries to flag it down. But Nash can't (or won't) stop for the sake of just one man, and keeps going forward, trying to gain the momentum to take off, urging Cooper to get out of the way or he'll be hit.

Cooper cries and begs for them to stop. Just as the plane is simultaneously lifting off the ground and about to slam into Cooper who still hasn't gotten out of the way, a huge dinosaur, a Spinosaurus, emerges from the jungle. Cooper screams and is snatched up in its jaws, his blood splattering the plane's windshield, causing Nash to lose control and go flying into the jungle, where the plane ends up in a tree...

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