Commander Katashi Hamada is the commanding officer of Jurassic World's Asset Containment Unit. It's their job to provide security for the park, in particular recapturing or even killing escaped dinosaurs (which InGen refers to as "assets," hence the "Asset" part of the ACU's name. He's a pretty tough guy and doesn't say much, mostly just standing around silently looking mean.

When the park's newest dinosaur, the genetically-engineered Indominus Rex, escapes from her paddock, InGen CEO Simon Masrani and park manager Claire Dearing instruct the ACU to go after her, but they're instructed to utilize only non-lethal weapons, which, we'll soon see, is effectively a death sentence. For them, not Indominus rex. On the face of it, this seems stupid, considering how big, powerful and dangerous Indominus is, and the fact she already killed two people, but considering how she's one of a kind...


...yeah, nevermind, it's still a pretty stupid order, but one Commander Hamada follows without complaint so it's unclear if he's simply ridiculously brave, far too loyal and obedient, or just really stupid. Maybe all three? Anyway, after a really awesome suiting up sequence, the ACU hop into their six-wheeled pickup truck and armored van and drive out into the depths of the jungle, following the tracking device implanted into the dinosaur's skin. When the signal stops, they park their vehicles and get out.

Cautiously, the men head into the brush with Hamada in the lead, their badassery somewhat undercut by the fact they're wielding cattle prods and net launchers. Using a device on his wrist, Hamada follows the signal into a stream, but there's no sign of Indominus anywhere. Signalling for his men to stay put, he heads into the ankle-deep water to inspect something he seems caught on a rock.

It's a chunk of Indominus rex's bloody skin with the tracking device attached! She tore it out!

Hamada only has enough time to process this and radio the control room when suddenly blood begins dripping down onto him. He looks up and at first sees nothing... but then, slowly, he sees shimmering movement as Indominus rex appears from among the trees to tower over the suddenly very worried ACU commander as he crouches there. She can change color!

Hamada has just enough to rise, turn and begin to run, shouting, "It can camouflage!" to his startled men, before Indominus raises her enormous foot and brings it down on top of him, stomping him flat.

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