This Colombian judge had the severe misfortune of being the one to try and convict terrorist leader and drug kingpin Enrique Cali, prior to Enrique's extradition to the United States for unclear reason.

Enrique's vengeful son, Luis, takes over the courthouse and holds everyone there hostage, including the judge. His demands are that the authorities release his father, even though the judge keeps telling him Enrique has already been taken to the States and that there's nothing he can do.

Luis refuses to listen, that is, until Jack Thorpe points out a news broadcast on the TV, showing Enrique Cali being escorted off of a plane in the US by FBI agents. Realizing the judge was right, an enraged Luis decides it's time for him and his men to take a little trip to America. Before they can do that, though, they need to escape from the courthouse, which has since been surrounded by everybody from the police, the Colombian military, and the press.

Taking the judge and the hostages with them the terrorists go to the roof where a getaway Huey is waiting. The other hostages are released, but made to stand at the edge of the roof so the police and soldiers won't fire on the terrorists as they fly off. The judge however is dragged onto the helicopter, with the implication that the terrorists are taking him with.

Instead, once the Huey has lifted off, Luis and Jack shove the poor fellow out of the aircraft, whereupon he falls, screaming, down through the air. In an interesting touch, as he falls, we hear gonging bells, and as the scene mercifully fades to a different one before the judge actually hits the ground we discover the bells are coming from the tower of the Regis School.