Carter is one of the hunters hired by Peter Ludlow to help him capture dinosaurs on Isla Sorna. When the men are sleeping in their camp, the female Tyrannosaurus rex, attracted by the blood on Sarah Harding's jacket, comes sniffing around. Ian Malcolm notices, but neither moves nor says anything for fear of attracting the Tyrannosaur's attention. Perhaps he thinks it'll just go away and leave them alone.

Whether or not this approach would've worked becomes academic when Carter happens to stir in his sleep, takes one look at the T-rex, and starts screaming his head off.

Despite Ian's insistence that they don't panic, the hunters, despite being professional mercenaries, awaken, freak out, and promptly run off into the jungle with the Tyrannosaurus in hot pursuit, Carter among them. At some point during the mass flight, he trips and falls, and is promptly trampled on by his uncaring comrades. Then, as he picks himself up and rolls over onto his back, he manages to see the Tyrannosaurus bearing down on him. Specifically her foot. He lets loose a piercing shriek, and then--


The enormous foot comes down onto Carter and crushes him flat, killing him instantly. But the movie isn't done with poor, dead Carter just yet, because his corpse sticks to the bottom of her foot like a squished bug, refusing to be dislodged even after multiple steps. Eventually, though, his body does come loose in a murky mud puddle, and the T-rex lumbers off in pursuit of Carter's comrades, with the dead hunter's crushed corpse floating in the puddle, mercifully face-down.

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