Carrigan Crittenden is the main villian of the movie Casper from 1995. She was portrayed by actress Cathy Moriarty.

Death Edit

Carrigan Crittenden is the rich woman who owns Wipstaff Manor (a place she inherited from her father) and wants the treasure which is inside the castle according to some local legends. After doing some unsuccesful attempts to drive out four ghosts from the castle (including calling one of the ghostbusters), she hires famous ghost therapist Dr. James Harvey to drive out the ghosts. A few days later, he moves in with his teenage daughter Kat. At first, they tries to drive out the ghosts (Casper and his three nasty uncles) but soon befriends them instead. Later on, when the three uncles drags away Dr. Harvey for a "Happy hour", Carrigan and her partner Dibbs enters the mansion and stumbles upon the Lazarus which has the power to bring back ghosts to life again. Both of them soon realizes that if they were a ghost, they could pass through solid material, such as the vault surrending the treasure, and decides that one of them has to die, then get the treasure and after that get turned into a human again. This leads to a fight between them about who is going to die.

After a wild fight through the woods, Carrigan crashes her car into a tree and gets the airbag thrown in her face. As she struggles to get out of her car, she doesn't notice that half of it is over a huge cliff, including the driving seats, resulting in her falling to her death from the cliff.

Soon afterwards, Dibbs enters the scene and calls for Carrigan, beliving her to be gone for good.

However, she soon reappears as a ghost with the words "Not so fast little man, the bitch is back!"

Later on, she finds her way into the dunegon where she gets the treasure chests. After that, she orders Dibbs to bring her back to life, but he refuses and instead reveals that he will escape with the treasure and the solid needed to drive the machine in order to get rich himself, and he goes on to tell her that he will get a dog named Carrigan, "A Bitch just like you". This causes her to throw him through a window. Just as she is going to use the machine on herself, Casper and Kat points out that people only turn into ghosts after their deaths because they have unfinnished buisness and asks her what her unfinnished buiessness is. She answers that she has no unfinnished buiesness since she has both her treasure and her mansion. This causes her to cross over to the other side, against her will, which causes her to be gone forever.