Carl Grissom is Gotham City's ruling crime lord, who upon discovering that his lieutenant Jack Napier has been fooling around with his mistress Alicia, sets him up to be killed at Axis Chemicals. Instead, Batman intervenes and Napier is instead transformed into the Joker after falling into a vat of bubbling green chemicals. Grissom, meanwhile, remains unaware of this. After emerging from the shower, he heads into his office for a drink when someone comes up in his private elevator. Grissom's back is to the door, so he cannot see who it is, initially mistaking it for Alicia. "That you, Sugar Bumps?" he inquires. However, upon turning and seeing the shadowy figure in a wide-brimmed hat that is definitely not Alicia, Grissom angrily demands to know who the intruder is.

"It's me...Sugar Bumps," the figure replies, in Napier's voice. Suddenly worried, Grissom feigns relief that Napier survived and covertly goes for a snub-nosed revolver concealed underneath a newspaper on his desk. Napier however senses what his ex-boss is up to and warns him not to try it. Furious, Grissom whirls to the shadowy figure and snarls, "Your life won't be worth spit!" (spraying a good deal of spittle himself in the process).

The figure says he's "been dead once," and found it very liberating, slowly advancing towards Grissom who pleads, "Jack, maybe we can cut a deal." "Jack? Jack is dead, my friend," the figure replies, stepping into the light and removing his hat to reveal a pasty white face with a huge grin and green hair. "But you can call me Joker. And as you can see, I'm a lot happier."

Grissom is dumbfounded, but hasn't the time to fully dwell on Napier's new look because as soon as those words are out of his mouth, the Joker opens fire with a revolver, hitting Grissom in the chest as festive circus music plays on the soundtrack. A few more shots from the Joker's gun send Grissom tumbling head-over-heels over his desk and he ends up sitting upright in his office chair, feet up on the desktop, dead. Laughing maniacally, the Joker continues to fire at Grissom's body until the revolver clicks emptily. Tossing both it and his hat aside he sighs, "Oh, what a day."