Captain Darrow is Captain Frye's sidekick, and another one of General Frank Hummel's men who has decided he likes the idea of killing millions of innocent people with deadly VX gas.

Following the death of Hummel, Frye sends Darrow to the location of their final working rocket, the lighthouse on Alcatraz Island. FBI chemical weapons specialist Stanley Goodspeed has arrived at the lighthouse before Darrow, and as Darrow enters, has already removed both the string of orbs containing the gas as well as the rocket's guidance chip.

Darrow tries to talk tough, wielding a knife, and for reasons best known to himself decides to stand directly between the rocket and the window the Marines had planned to fire it out of.

Goodspeed, at the firing controls, asks Darrow if he likes the Elton John song, Rocket Man.

"I don't like weak-ass shit!" replies Darrow.

Goodspeed explains he only asked because, "It's you. You're the Rocket Man.”

Before Darrow has a chance to fully realise just how screwed he is, Goodspeed hits the firing button, launching the rocket which hits Darrow in the chest and propels him through the window. Although the now-harmless rocket just sails off into the distance, Darrow, lacking jet engines to keep him airborne, plummets down to earth and is impaled on a sharp but sturdy fence post.