The ringleader of the crooked cops working for Senator Vernon Trent, Captain Hulland orchestrated the against Mason Storm back in 1983 that left his wife dead and Storm himself in a coma for seven years. When Mason comes to Trent's mansion for revenge at the end, he leaves a little message for Hulland on his suitcase, which Hulland finds upon coming out of (apparently) the bathroom:

"The anticipation of death is worse than death itself."

Angry and a little afraid, Hulland draws his gun and exits his room where he's staying and follows a helpful trail of graffiti that says "You're next." Heading to the billiard room, he finds no assistance there. Jack Axel is dead and the three henchmen who were with him are knocked out and in no shape to fight. Panicking, Hulland runs downstairs into the main hall of the mansion trying to find Trent, but instead he finds Storm, who emerges from behind a column long enough to taunt him about how it feels knowing he's about to die.

Hulland whirls and empties his revolver at Storm, who'd hidden behind the column to avoid being shot. As the gun clicks emptily, Storm comes out from his concealment to advance on his former colleague, who grabs a poker from the fireplace and viciously swings it at him. He ducks and grabs Hulland's arm, breaking it savagely. Hulland falls to his knees and pleads for mercy, attempting to bargain for his life by offering up some vague information that'll (as he puts it) "change everything," but Storm isn't interested in listening to anything Hulland has to say and he's probably lying, anyway. Still, it seems strange that Hulland claims he has game-changing information and nothing comes of it.

Storm promptly strangles him to death with his own tie. Or so it seems. Hulland's death is poorly realized. It seems as though Storm releases the tie too soon, and instead of immediately dying, he lays there gasping and panting for a moment, prompting Storm to tell him, "Now you're a good cop!"

Even though it seems Hulland is still alive when Storm leaves to go and confront Trent, when he brings the captured main villain back downstairs to cuff him using Hulland's handcuffs, the crooked police captain is now lying there quite still and apparently very dead. The nearest that can be ascertained is that when Storm strangled him with the tie, he crushed his windpipe, and what seemed to be Hulland breathing was in fact his futile, dying gasps for air. Still, it seemed odd not to confirm this or make it terribly clear.

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