Despite the life expectancy of an Imperial admiral being shorter than a book of David Beckham’s witticisms, there is not shortage of takers for the role. This time it is Admiral Piett, the Supreme Captain of the Empire, whose life is cut unexpectedly short, during the climactic battle with the Rebel Alliance over the moon of Endor.

Piett is aboard the Super Star Destroyer Executor, with his second officer Commander Gherant, but he is severely hamstrung by Emperor Palpatine's orders not to engage the Rebel fleet, but to merely keep them busy while the Death Star's superlaser picks off their warships one at a time.


Piett attempts to maintain control of the situation.

However, a well-placed shot from an anonymous Rebel fighter results in the Executor losing its bridge deflector shields, rendering the bridge vulnerable to attack. Then an attack comes in the form of Arvel Crynyd, whose A-Wing starfighter has been damaged.

Crynyd flies his starfighter towards the bridge in a kamikaze attack. Even as Piett orders forward firepower intensified, Gherant sees Crynyd coming and points him out, wailing, "Too late!"



He and Piett turn and run away from the viewport (where did they think they were going anyway?) as Crynyd's A-Wing slams into and completely destroys the bridge.


Piett and Gherant try and fail to Outrun the Fireball.


The Executor's bridge is history.

With the bridge gone, the Executor veers out of control and begins to list slowly towards the surface of the Death Star. Given its pointy arrowhead shape, it "stabs" into the battle station's surface and promptly explodes in a huge fireball.


They could still be alive in there...


...okay maybe not.