After the untimely departure of project leader 425, Dr. Zin promotes the next number--uh, I mean person, 426. She's a middle-aged woman who looks in desperate need of some shuteye. Upon being promoted she looks positively terrified, likely knowing of Dr. Zin's penchant for disposing his helpers for any reason.

She stays in the movie far longer than her predecessor, and, ably assisted by 427, manages to accomplish quite a lot for her employer including gaining control of Dr. Quest's obligatory cute robot 4-DAC, who acts as a spy among the good guys for Zin. Well, actually, it was 427 who did this, but it was 426's idea and that's what counts.

Unfortunately all of 426's successes pale in comparison to her one fatal mistake: second-guessing the boss.

After Dr. Quest and another, female scientist who only appears in this movie, Dr. Eve Belage, have been brought aboard the asteroid base as captives, Race Bannon and the kids come looking for them in another space shuttle. Upon being informed of this, Dr. Zin instructs his button-pushers to destroy it. Quest, pleading for the lives of his son and comrades, points out, "Listen to me, Zin, you have no reason to destroy the shuttle! This asteroid is invisible to them!"

427 concurs, "He's right, sir. Our base is cloaked with the finest stealth technology." Zin admits that all of this is true, but that he can't pass up an opportunity to turn everything Dr. Quest cares about into space dust.

However as he prepares to fire, 426 steps forward and grabs his hand, insisting, "Don't be a fool! If we use the ion cannon its flare will reveal our position to the world!"

The enormity of just how far she overstepped her authority quickly dawns on her, and she hurriedly adds, stammering, "Uh, before we are ready to invade it... sir!" She backs away fearfully. Zin admits she has a point, surprisingly, but things go downhill for her from there.

"You are right, 426," he explains. "But of course... you are wrong to tell me in such an impudent manner."

Two Formicoids rush forwards and seize her as Dr. Zin explains she's being "demoted" to some science project or other. And not as one of the researchers, either. A trapdoor opens in the floor, as 426 pleads, "Not the Mosquitoids! How can you do this to me after all my weeks of faithful service to you?" (Only weeks? Must've been a temp job.) But Dr. Zin is uninterested in her protestations and the Formicoids promptly drop her down the shaft, ridding their master of another techie. And I'll bet Zin doesn't even give good references!